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A Good Year To Be A Golf Fan

If you’re a pure fan of the pro game of golf (like I am) you can’t help but appreciate the significance of the Tiger Woods win at The Farmers Championship at Torrey Pines, this past week. Why? Because if you watched any of his play you saw a lot of shots that looked like the old Tiger and that means that this year’s PGA Tour season could be something very entertaining. With Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods #s 1 and 2 in the world rankings respectively, there could be a real dogfight…


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About Barry Rhodes and his eBook, 999 Updated Questions on the Rules of Golf

Although I qualified as a Chartered Accountant I spent most of my career in senior sales, marketing and management roles within the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. I am an enthusiastic, high handicap golfer who developed an interest, then a fascination, and now a passion for understanding the Rules of Golf. I have been resident in Dublin, Ireland, for 35 years and am an active member of Milltown…


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Here's Mud In Your Eye!

It is almost funny the reasons I am given as to why a golfer may not want to hit down at the golf ball when playing golf. 


Now, these are not people disputing the theory (there is no disputing the theory) of hitting down at a golf ball to make it climb into the air. No, these are people who do not want to hit down at the ball when the ground is wet. The number once concern is mud splashing on their pants. Their golf pants. Let’s think about this. A golfer, who wants to play…


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A Pretty Swing …don’t mean a thing

It is high, it is far, it is gone. If you’ve ever watched a baseball game on TV or listened on the radio you’ve heard the announcer use this expression (or a similar one) after the ball is hit and looks like it’s on its way out of the park for a home run.

The idea for this article came to me when I saw a picture in the newspaper, showing one of baseball’s power hitters just after he finished his swing, in a perfect…


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Thumbs Down ...for Thumbs Up results

My inspiration for my first posted Golf Books.us blog article is the same as the one which prompted my decision in 1997 to write the Thumbs Down guide(s) for better ball striking. Following several frustrating years in the early 1990s of not finding a simple cure to fix my out of control slice and save my game, I discovered the miracle powers of Thumbs Down, The POWER MOVE of Golf one day while experimenting; and fixed it by myself. 

Not only did I never find the…


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Featured Book

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Golf Gifts

A man wrote me recently and asked if he could return his unopened DVDs (Hit Down golf instruction DVDs). As it is extremely rare that our DVDs are returned, I asked the man why? He said he bought them for his wife and she does not want them. I…


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